Sunday, November 21, 2010

Richmond Beach School - Now a Park

A long flight of steps leads up the hill to the site of Richmond Beach School
photo credits-Janet Way
The Richmond Beach School Was the First School in Shoreline. 

Richmond Beach Elementary School
circa 1909-10
courtesy of Shoreline Historical Museum

But what is on that site now?  

Of course the Richmond Beach Library and Park occupy much of the site and are popular with the community.  But a recent visit on a spectacularly sunny fall day reveals an area that many may have overlooked.

 An amazing grove of trees surrounds the west and north sides of the park.  Here is a photo essay celebrating those remarkable trees. 
As you drive down Richmond Beach Road, you may or may not
notice the spectacular trees that are sentinels of the park
photo credits-Janet Way
Half-way up the steps, turn round and
see the spectacular view framed by the
photo credit-Janet Way
Now an enormous Madrone trunk holds court
at the crest of the hill nearby the location of
the old school. Wonderful texture
of the bark is a testimony to the many decades
this trees has watched over this place.
photo credits-Janet Way

Halfway up the steps you enter the Madrone Grove that engulfs the corner
photo credits-Janet Way

Crowning the top of this hill is a huge and magnificent Madrone
photo credits-Janet Way
Late afternoon shadows fall across the site of the old school
overlooking Puget Sound

Go for a Visit today and send me some photos (especially in the snow!). 

Many things worth saving in Shoreline need watchdogs and stewards. Will you be one?

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