Monday, February 28, 2011

Landmarked Ronald School - Some Details

What is Special About the Ronald School? 
Ronald School through the garden
Built in 1912
ph credit - Vicki Westberg
Because it is unique in North King County and is "a rare example"  remaining of an intact
"semi-rural neo-classical school building" and was "an excellent example of early 20th Century school design , executed in a modest Classical Revival style."
Interior Staircase and Arched Window
Ronald School
There is a Shoreline City Council Hearing TONITE (2/28) at 7pm, at Shoreline City Hall.
It is to determine whether the Shoreline School District's "Certificate of Appropriateness" for significantly altering the building will be upheld.

It is nearly a century old, built in 1912. It was built because Judge Ronald, a Shoreline pioneer donated the property for the purpose of building a school. It served the children and families for education for almost all of those 99 years. 

The exterior is landmarked AND including the 15 ft setback surrounding it and out to N 175th St.
It was preserved from 1975-2011 by the Shoreline Historical Museum, which was evicted by the Shoreline School District.

The front walkway leading out to N 175th St is also Landmarked.
Front Walkway of Ronald School
The rear of the building is landmarked. The EAST elevation is significant because it is part of the original 1912 building. 
Rear EAST Elevation of Ronald School
The front entrance is a "classical revival style" portico.
Front Portico and Entrance of the Ronald School
It is a unique freestanding school building and is the oldest public building in Shoreline. 
It is also the only remaining original school building left in the Shoreline School District.

You are invited to witness the arguments FOR and Against its

MONDAY, February 28th at Shoreline City Hall.