Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Patterns of History - The Bricks

Shoreline's Unique Historical Asset -
The Red Brick Road - Built in 1909

"Aluminum Specialties" now called Skyline Windows
is located on Ronald Place

Images of things that matter in Shoreline. The Red Brick Road (aka Ronald Place or North Trunk Road)
has the messages of time written all over it.

The Unique Patterns of Shoreline's Red Brick Road have carried 
automobile traffic for over 90 years.
This section is just south of N175th St and has been nominated 
and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places
because of its unique relationship to the commercial district surrounding it.
Skyline Windows has a shared history with Ronald Place
It is a Family business that honors the road along with their own history.

Judge JT Ronald was a major advocate for building Highway 99. He owned the property now in the center of Aurora at N175th and had a summer cottage there. He sold the property where Ronald Place now curves away from the Aurora Ave N in order to encourage the development of the highway. 

Judge Ronald also donated the land where the Ronald School now exists and is home to the Shoreline Historical Museum, because he believed in education. He served as a KC Superior Court Judge until 1949 and had also served as Mayor of Seattle 1892 and 1893. Want to read more about Judge Ronald? Interesting article about how his Seattle House was preserved in Seattle Times,

Old memories, new friendship guide restoration of 1880s Leschi house.


We wonder where the Red Brick Road will lead in the 21st Century with all the changes taking place in Shoreline?

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