Sunday, May 29, 2011

Design Concepts for the Town Center Park

A Centennial Walk to Commemorate
100 Years of the Red Brick Road

Shoreline's historic "Red Brick Road"
(aka North Trunk Road)
to be a key feature of the Town Center Park.

Why not an "Architectural Arcade" or Pergola somewhere on the Town Center Park?
Headhouse Square Arcade in Philadelphia
is now the home of a popular Farmers Market. It is modeled after
a market there from the Colonial era.
An Architectural Arcade or Pergola could be a very wonderful feature to add to the Town Center Park.
It could be very simple or more elaborate. It could be open on top or closed as a shelter (above). Either way it would be a very attractive feature of the Town Center. Shoreline already has a similar structure at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, which is a big attraction to visitors.
Pergola or Arbor at
Richmond Beach Salt Water Park
Arcades, archways or "arbor walkways" have always been a beautiful addition to the landscape. Just add some plantings, gardens and art, and this will set off the Red Brick Road in a most wonderful way.

An arcade could be designed to resemble a train station to harken back to the Interuban.

Let's be creative with our Town Center Park and carry out the underlying theme of the Red Brick Road throughout the entire Town Center to really bring life and meaning to the center of our city.

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  1. Great idea; hoping to move forward after 7 years of planning.